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Create An Article Directory Using WordPress

Starting To Create An Article Directory

Many of blogger  now what is meant by article directory site and how it works. But before starting to create an article directory site let us have a brief information on article directory site.

An Article site directory is basically a website which contains articles written by various authors on various topics. The Articles in this sites are organized by category wise in a neat manner for easy access purpose. so thats all about articles site directory.

Why WordPress?

Most of us would like to the question why wordpress to make an article site directory. Why not we creating a website with article site layout using HTML ?.

The most important reason why wordpress is chosen to create an article site directory than any other Softwares to create is it unique power, Simplicity and no need to know anything about web programming.

  1. Before doing any thing we need a domain name for our article site directory. Example www.ItsMyArticleSite.com
  2. Once the domain Registration is done we need a web hosting to host our files. Be wise and choose your hosting plan since we are goin to create an article site which will consume more bandwidth.
  3. Thanks to www.articlesss.com for providing the wonderful theme and plugins to make your ordinary wordpress site into an article site.           see the plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/article-directory/
  4. Download all the other related plugins to this article site theme and plugin.
  5. Install the theme from the Wp Admin Control Panel.
  6. Active the theme and the Plugins.
  7. That all we have our own article site directory

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