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Cozy Coffee Shops – The Secret of Florida

Coffee houses in Florida sell coffee of different flavors, spices, cream and blending mixtures. The cozy setting of Florida provides a unique and freshly brewed cup of coffee. Visitors are greeted with a wide selection of coffee houses that suits one’s preferences.

Boston Coffee House is in downtown DeLand and at Orange City. It is a comfortable yet attractive coffee house with a touch of colonial Boston. It is voted as Best Lunch Coffee Espresso and Best Coffeehouse in Florida. It offers many specialty coffees and drinks from rich Oreo lattes to sugar free carb-conscious.

Coffee varieties are Amaretto, Irish Cream, French Vanilla, Chocolate Raspberry, English Toffee, Dark Chocolate, Mudslide, Butter Pecan and Snickerdoodle.

Boston Coffee House also offers live music, function rooms, and lounges, along with a meeting room and internet access.

Café Demetrio offers a peak of the class and taste located in Miami. Demetrio and Vilama Pina started alongside the 18th century European style cafes (1920’s). It is divided into three: the patio, main dining room and the chess room.

The shop also offers European delicacies such as Linzertart, creme brulee, apple strudel, SacherTart, opera and tiramisu.

Visitors will enjoy “happy hour” for wines. They also have “hors d’ oeuvres” with chess matches, live music and free wireless internet access for free on the side.

They have gourmet coffee, iced gourmet coffee, drinks, salads, starters, dessert delights and gourmet sandwiches.

Island Flavors is located at the 49th street in St. Petersburg, providing rhythmic tropical and cheerful types of ambiance. The shop offers the finest choices of gourmet items and fruit drinks.

Island Flavors introduced some of the best tasting coffee like cappuccino, espresso, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and other flavored coffees.

Menus are of Caribbean surprises and traditional foods like Calyspo salads, sandwiches, conch fritters, veggies, chickens, drinks, sugar ‘n spice and tropical meat waves.

Kool Bean is a comfortable place overlooking the Pensacola beach. It is open for breakfast, for an enjoying hot or cold micro-roasted Bridgetown coffees, shakes, smoothies and energy drinks. High speed internet access makes surfing more pleasurable over a cup of coffee. The shop also offers hand-dipped ice creams, bagels and some homemade desserts.

Nightswan Coffee Bar is located at New Symyra Beach, savoring great tasting mocha, cappuccino, espresso and flavored hot or iced coffees. The place is a satisfying historical setting overlooking the waters. Enjoy roasted java by their porch, dining room or in a parlor for Nightswan Bed and Breakfast.

The Pie Factory is the home of Toucan’s coffee that specialized delicious desserts. Colorful Key West environment sets the shops apart among others. It offers 35 pie types such as apple, pecan, peach and French silk. Varieties of cakes, muffins, cookies and assorted pastries serve with coffee. Key lime pie is best loved. Salads, sandwiches and soups are available for a delectable delight. It is handled by generations, for about 100 years and more.

Coffee fanatics can never be sorry with these cozy coffee shops and houses. Florida coffee shops have different styles as well as coffee blends, satisfying one’s personal coffee favorites.