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Collage Artists

Elaine Anthony, a painter who focused in lush semi-abstract landscapes. Ms. Anthony started out her artistic career producing wire sculptures, fabric banners and paintings on fabric, generally implemented as profits for Mexican hotels. Her work become full-grown to semi-abstract landscapes as well as collages, frequently executed in a loose painterly style.

Karen Landey is a talented Oregon-based collage artist and videographer. Karen’s innovative urges have taken her on a very interesting route over the course of her life. She’s constantly checked for things to do which are fun as well as inspiring and the creative process she developed as a child continues to be maintained throughout her life. During the period of a very long time Karen continues to be involved in a lot of creative opportunities such as sewing fabric, batik, jewelry making, writing, airbrush painting, photography, videography, mixed media and digital collage. She has usually found a means to convey her imagination by way of a variety of platforms.

Robert Rauschenberg had been one of the many American collage artists that grew to become prominent during the fifties crossover from Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art. Rauschenberg is renowned for his “Combines”, wherein non-traditional items and things ended up getting used in revolutionary mixtures. Rauschenberg was each a painter plus a sculptor, however he additionally worked hard with taking pictures, printmaking, papermaking, and performance. Rauschenberg’s occupation shows more about the New York art neighborhood. His state of mind toward the means of art extended to media, women and men, almost everything.

Joseph Cornell was among the numerous American collage artists yet superior be called being a homebody artist. Cornell, a lean, grey wraith of a man, was like one of the odd-duck daydreamers in an Anne Tyler novel. His possessions were his artwork and box assemblages. This particular reclusive, long-beaked man may sally forth on modest voyages including understanding, scavenging for artifacts of the past throughout New York junk shops and flea trading markets. To Cornell they were the strata of repressed memory, a jumble of elements prepared to be grafted and mated together.

Painter and collage artist Jess Collins. “He was the fundamental San Francisco artist,” stated Harry Parker, director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, who knew Mr. Collins well. “His political views and the trendy creative style, his connection using the poetry scene, his advocacy of homosexual privileges — all of the problems that arrived to his work were so representative of the Bay Area perspective. Only right here could you imagine work like his being created.”

Sam Price is a San Francisco based collage artist who specializes in pet portraits. He is a self-taught artist and had always used accessible supplies as part of his instinctive process of making art. First, he studies the whole picture, concentrating on the nuances of the mouth and eyes. Then make a detailed power grid on the canvas to act like a formula for the picture. He recycles many of the old publications and subscribe to a lot of magazines as well as spend considerable time simply digging for the materials which best match the fabric, trying to find the right color complement. He normally experienced about 10 to 15 magazines open immediately and cut the images in to one or one-and-a-half-inch squares. You start with the eyes he is able to generally know if the portrait is taking shape, if he is able to get the proper likeness within the eyes.

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