Colitis – How I Cured Myself Without Drugs

Colitis is a distressing condition. It is certainly a cause of inconvenience, embarrassment and discomfort to the sufferer. If not treated properly it has the potential to develop into a more serious condition.

A baby is not born with colitis. It develops through living in ways which are against the best interests of the body. Put bluntly, colitis is caused by abuse, neglect and ignorance. It is caused by the person who owns the body. In your case: You! Brutal? Yes, but undeniably true, as you will see. Although you are the cause of it and are responsible for it…it is not entirely your fault. Because you have been mislead since childhood by the environment you live in. You do not live in the world of nature, like say a gorilla or orangutan. They get sunshine, fresh air and fresh natural, unprocessed foods and drink only water. Do you? Exactly! And that is the tip of the iceberg.

That is good news. Why? Because if you caused it, you can simply reverse the situation by doing the opposite to what you have been doing to cause it. The question at this point is: What have you been doing to cause it? Probably the same as I had been doing over 30 years ago when I was a rather arrogant, strong-willed, stubborn youth. My abuse then had covered more than 10 years.

When I developed colitis I consulted with doctors and hospitals; endured probes and prods, biopsies, barium-meal x-ray examinations, endoscopies, drugs…and more drugs. What happened? Well, I had been reading up on the subject back then in the 1970s and into the 80’s and learned one or two fundamental principles.

One was food. As none of the doctors and specialists had mentioned food or diet I thought it appropriate to ask. Next time I went to see my doctor I asked him about food and his reply astonished me. He told me that I could eat whatever I liked as it didn’t have any effect on the condition. Here’s the snorter: Two decades later when I was suffering a recurrence, a bowel specialist said the same thing.

Dilemma: On the one hand the ‘nature-cure’ practitioners were saying one thing and the medical professionals were saying the exact opposite. My friends and family in the main were siding with the medical profession. As I was so ill I took things into my own hands. At that time there was a natural healing clinic here in the UK run by a well known natural healing practitioner and health writer.

They advised me that a residential stay of at least 2 weeks would be required. I replied that I could only manage one week due to time restraints (folly of youth). In truth, I could only afford one week. They said, it would not be enough time but it would help.What I learned at that establishment literally changed my life. In residence were medical doctors who had ‘seen the light’ and had ‘crossed over’ to natural healing.

Bottom line: After several days of feeling like a 120 year old man I left at the end of the week completely symptom-free of colitis. Neither I, my family and friends and doctor could hardly believe the transformation.

Fact: My body had cured itself. A neglected car or bicycle degenerates into a rusty heap. But it can be restored with care. Our bodies, with understanding, care and application, heal themselves. We are self-repairing beings. Notice how if you cut your hand, the wound will naturally heal itself. However, if you make a habit of poking it every day, it will never heal, simply by not being allowed to do what comes naturally. Same with your colon.

Since that February in 1978 I had several lapses and the condition reappeared. Why? Due to my own stupidity and disregard. Since then I have learned my lesson well. I sometimes almost forget how painful and embarrassing it was to be the custodian of the condition known as colitis, inflammation of the colon. But I do know that it should never happen to anyone. And it wouldn’t happen if simple adjustments to lifestyle were observed. Message: Take care of your bowel and your general health will take care of you.

The basics for everyone as in most health problems is in general lifestyle. This covers just about everything you do, say and think. Yes, even what you say and think. Most important is what you think. What you think is what you are. Because what you think is how you conduct your life. Your lifestyle follows on from this. Natural good health follows lifestyle.

Copyright 2008 – Carl Birchwood