CityVille Crashing – How to Stop CityVille Freezing

CityVille, the most popular Facebook game currently available, was released by the same folks who programmed FarmVille. The idea behind the game is to build your own city, and bear the fruits of your daily hard work. The developers who made this game, Zynga, target Facebook as the main place to play, as it is the most popular website online next to Google. This game needs Java or Flash running on the user’s computer to function correctly. Thousands of people play every day, and it seems as though with the growing number of people playing, there are also a growing number of issues, including CityVille crashing or freezing, and leaving users wondering what happened. When CityVille crashes, your hard work is lost.

What makes CityVille Freeze?

Due to the large amount of traffic using the CityVille program, there are server related issues. Also, if your PC Is having issues with Java or Flash, and is possibly storing corrupt system files can be another reason that the program would freeze up and cause you to lose your data.

How to Stop CityVille From Crashing:

Before you throw your PC out the window, try using different web browsers. Sometimes the error can originate in the browser you are using. For example, if you are using an old version of Internet Explorer, consider trying Firefox or Chrome, as two examples. It is also possible that if the browser is not the problem, that there are corrupt files within your computer. These are normally located in your registry or your system folders.

You should first try to uninstall the browser you are using, then reinstall it. This would fix corrupt files that you may have within the folders of the browser. The second option would be to check that your drivers are working. To do this, you would go to the Device Manager section in your Control Panel and make sure there are no yellow or red warning signs, which signal a need for repair.

If the issue is not your drivers or your browser, then most likely your computer has corrupt DLL and LNK files stored somewhere deep in your registry. Especially if you are noticing additional system issues, you should scan your computer for free and make sure everything is okay. There is a specific tool that I use that cleans these type of errors regularly, I suggest you at least take a look and try a free scan.