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Christina Hendricks Measurements

Christina Hendricks is recognized for her part in Mad Men, but lately spotlight may be on her figure. Some say she is overweight, some say she represents what real females appear like. Despite what side of the fence you are on one particular factor is for certain – she is gorgeous and attractive.

Most likely the greatest appeal of Christina could be the reality that she wears tight figure hugging outfits that often leave little room for her giant breasts, which generally ends up them practically falling out. Not long ago some people are actually asking a straightforward question, what are Christina Hendricks Measurements? We have searched the internet and brought for you what we consider is definitely an accurate reading of her measurements; 38DD-32-38.

Now you could be asking, but what do those measurements mean!? The answer is actually relatively easy – the initial relates towards bra size in this circumstance 38DD. This suggests the measurement around her bust is 38 inches and cup sizes are DD. The second number relates to waist dimensions, which means around her waist is 32 inches. The last number 38 could be the size round the hips, meaning it really is 38 inches round the hips.

As you are able to see Christina has rather a significant bust and hip size but a somewhat smaller waist size. This can be typically referred to as an hour glass figure and is just one of the good reasons she is becoming so popular in today’s society.