Can Coffee Be Used As A Fertilizer?

Used coffee grounds have been discarded as trash by millions of people around the world. Is there another use for your used grounds? The answer is “yes,” and the more you learn about the used coffee grounds the more sense it makes to use them as a fertilizer. My Grandmother taught me years ago the secret of used coffee grounds. She said that the grounds give your plants more life. I always wondered what she meant by more life. Then as I watched her plants grow I seen some amazing things. Her tomato garden was huge, and much larger than our neighbors. Tomatoes the size of a softball grew in her garden and at a fast pace. When the neighbors would inquire as to her secret she said I have rich soil. She did not lie; because due to those used coffee grounds her soil was rich indeed.

Used coffee grounds are a great fertilizer for gardens because of their high nitrogen content. Of all the mineral nutrients in the soil, nitrogen is generally the most difficult for plants to acquire. The reason plants have difficulty is because of the way they acquire the nitrogen. It is primarily through their roots, which are buried in the soil. Most plants depend on mineral forms of nitrogen in the soil, and this is where your coffee grounds come into place. Your used grounds give your soil the added nitrogen that your plants need. Coffee grounds also contain potassium, phosphorus, and many other elements that aid in plant development. Many rose gardeners report that used coffee grounds aid in their roses development. Reports also add that when used coffee grounds have made their roses more colorful and larger than normal. In fact, when added to a compost pile used coffee grounds compost very quickly.

Nitrogen is a component of all proteins, and is crucial to life. In several studies, plants that have a nitrogen rich soil grew faster and larger then plants that grew in natural soil. It is clearly wiser to save those used coffee grounds and use them in your gardens or household flowerpots. If you are not using used coffee grounds you are wasting a great resource.