Boca Java Gourmet Coffee Review

In recent years the gourmet coffee industry has come of age. Discerning consumers have come to expect distinctive coffee tastes and aromas with all the passion of fine wine connoisseurs.

Boca Java is one of the many suppliers who has “answered the call” and markets gourmet coffee beans and accessories from around the globe, via the internet. This article will provide an independent review of Boca Java products and service.

According to the suppliers, they pride themselves in using only handpicked, specialty-grade Arabica coffee beans, chosen from selected high altitude tropical regions. Each location produces coffee beans of distinct taste and character.

Their biggest claim is freshness. They don’t start roasting your coffee beans until after your order is received.

Boca Java also claim an interesting online shopping experience. You can choose your coffee blend by country of origin, by flavour (I counted about twenty different flavours), or if you’re just looking for a quick smooth tasting dark roast with full bodied satisfaction, they have a webpage especially for that.

They also provide coffee accessories, such as brewing and grinding apparatus, coffee pots and cups, coffee storage devices, scoops, filters, milk whips, coasters – you name it. You can also order tea and cocoa as well… with all the accessories to go with it.

Finally, there’s the “coffee club”. Here’s where you get all the specials and discounts and also earn “boca bucks” which can be exchanged for gifts and prizes. At the coffee club you can learn anything you want to know about coffee, including coffee’s health benefits. You can also place ‘standing orders’ and choose your own delivery terms, which can be changed at your whim. Just love it.

Now for the bad news. I’ve read that you need to be careful about accepting one of their introductory “special offers” for a “free” coffee grinder and sample packages. The claim is, that Boca Java take this as a green light to provide you a regular supply of their coffee and extract money from your account. Whilst I have not experienced this myself, I believe that if you want to avoid this, you need to join their “coffee club” where you are given the option to modify or cancel your orders anytime. They notify you by email seven days before coffee is due for delivery and this is when you opt to cancel, change or reduce the order.

Their website looks very impressive. Just the pictures alone make you want to buy. You can almost smell the coffee coming out of your screen. All in all, it appears an attractive alternative for gourmet coffee lovers, with all the convenience of online orders and delivery to your door.