Big Green Egg – Cooking Cake Outdoors

In the past, when somebody said they were ready to cook on their griller, many bemoan the fact that they would have to go in and out of the kitchen to attend to the food cooking outside and the food that needs to be cooked in an oven. This is not the case for the ceramic grills like the Big Green Egg.

The egg-shaped ceramic grill is multifunctional. It can barbeque, it can smoke, and yes, it can cook soup and cake as well. This is because the ceramic material evenly distributes the heat throughout the ingredients inside the griller that baking a cake can be done just as easily as barbequing baby back ribs. Although it would be best not to cook the two together. The egg-shaped ceramic griller/smoker also has a lid that will keep the heat in just like an oven. So baking that cake outdoors is just as possible as baking it inside the kitchen in the oven there.

These ceramic grills with lids are probably the safest grillers in the market today. However, be prepared to invest a bit more money into this. This type of grill is more expensive than the regular outdoor grill, but for a reason. It is safe, it is a multi-tasker and it is beautiful.

For many, it is not just a matter of grilling that meat or baking that cake, it is the beauty in the design that capture their imagination. Of course grilling outdoors is not an everyday thing, so when it is not in use and it set outside on the patio or the back garden, it should help that the great designs would make it pop out and enhance the beauty of the back garden.

The design of these ceramic grills has been around literally for thousands of years in Japan and in some other Asian countries and it was only after World War II that Americans discovered this unique cooking tool and learned to appreciate its obvious benefits. But the attention has been focused on this griller for the past ten years because of the fuel efficiency. No other griller can cook that amount of food so fast and produce the most tender and the juiciest meats using only a quarter of the coal fuel regularly used in a traditional grill.

The ceramic grill is not just a beautiful piece of equipment that should strike up a conversation, it is also fuel efficient, effective and definitely worth the dollar spent on it.