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Big Green Egg – Celebrate In Safety

Ceramic grills have become the rage among fans of grilling, smoking and those who simply enjoy cooking outdoors. Products like the Big Green Egg are egg-shaped ceramic grillers/smokers that make barbequing fun and safe.

Safety is one of the major concerns every time groups of friends or family gets together and cook outside the home. With the regular grillers with lids, the heat escapes to the metal lid and anyone who accidentally touches it could risk getting severe burns. Then of course there is the smoke. Although outdoor grilling and barbequing is fun, the smoke from the griller is enough to trigger allergies or even an asthma attack.

The egg-shaped ceramic grill is safe, from the lid all the way to the smoke. It is not smokeless, there is no truth to some of those claims. Where there is fire and coal there is always smoke. However, the shape of the lid over the ceramic grill is designed in such a way that the smoke only comes out of the vent and as there is not that much fuel inside it to cook whatever meat, there is not that much smoke. The ceramic insulation also makes sure that the heat gets trapped inside the egg-shaped griller/smoker. This means that the lid stays cool, which should eliminate the danger of getting accidental burns from a simple touch. As for the meat getting cooked evenly, again go back to the heat trapped inside. The heat is evenly distributed and gets that meat cooked evenly and quickly, getting that meat to be very tender and yet retain the delicious dripping juices.

Many families who enjoy cooking outdoors have chosen to invest in this type of griller/smoker for its obvious benefits. It is expensive compared to the regular griller, this is true, however, when compared to the total amount of fuel used to cook just a pound of beef or pork over the grill, the fuel efficiency of this egg-shaped design soon proves to be the most cost-effective way to enjoy a great barbeque.

Check online for the models and prices. There are usually three or four models of differing sizes. So if you regularly cook for just two or three people, the smaller griller/smoker should work. For those who regularly cook for big appetites and numerous friends, then the medium to larger models should be the best option. Whichever the size, the evenness in cooking is still the same.