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Best 5 Tourists Attractions at Santubong Peninsula of Sarawak Malaysia

Best 5 Tourists Attractions at Santubong Peninsula of Sarawak Malaysia

Malaysia biggest state, Sarawak, is situated within Borneo Island (the world 3rd largest island) which a large part of the area is wrapped by untouched rain forest. Santubong Peninsula is located at the West Mouth of Sarawak River, at the Southern Sarawak, 25km away from the state’s biggest city, Kuching City.

It sprawls more than 25 acres amongst the lush green undeveloped rain forest jungles, just beneath the famous Mount Santubong (810m). This area has been settled in ancient time and has not been changed until now.

Most of the top-notch beaches and destinations in Sarawak state, and all form of attractions from jungle trekking to water sports are accessible at this zone, making it the right base for realizing the beauty of Southwest Sarawak.

The most reputable resort is Damai Beach Resort which is well prepared with top quality lodging and personal beautiful beach where you can experience a wonderful sunset on a clear day.

Santubong Kuching Resort provides the similar attractions, but is rather ignored. As such, this gives you with a complete tranquility on a less crowded wonderful beach that commands panoramic views of the South China Sea. Just offshore, there are 2 turtle shelter islands that you could have an intimate encounter with Green Turtles.

Permai Rainforest Resort is popular as a base for team building activities. You can put up your camp there and have a camp fire or BBQ and beer at night to experience the camping joy there.

Apart from beaches, you can also head over to Sarawak Cultural Village which is merely some walking range away, to discover the different culture and tradition of 7 main ethnics in Sarawak. This Village is known as a ‘live museum’ as there are actual people living in this village who are showing their original traditional lifestyle to tourist.

Another must not miss attraction at this Santubong Peninsula area is the popular jungle trekking trail. These trails including Santubong jungle trek which is a 2km circular trail located next to the hotels, which will direct you to some jungle streams, beautiful waterfalls etc, and Mount Summit Trek which will lead you to the mount summit and is without a doubt the toughest trek.