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Beef Rendang – The Ancient Amazing Dish From Minangkabau in

Beef Rendang – The Ancient Amazing Dish From Minangkabau in Indonesia

Have you ever heard about ‘Rendang’? Indonesian, Malaysian and Singapore must be familiar with this food. As a main course, Rendang hold out from many hundred years ago. So, what is ‘Rendang’? and what is made from?

Rendang is a dish originated from Minangkabau (one of the ethnic from Sumatra Island in Indonesia) made from mostly beef, but can also chicken, duck or buffalo. This food is really important and it is often served on the ceremonial occasions, wedding celebration and honored guest. The dish will not be complete without Rendang. But it is not everyday beef dish because it is special. Not every beef Rendang are made exactly the same taste; it depends on who made it. The main recipe, except beef, is milk squeezed from coconut which is cooked and stewed the meet with low heat so as to dry up and become golden and drier. There must the exclusive spices for made this from Minangkabau. Spending at least three hours to make it mixed each other and this food is so aromatic from the beef and spices.

Actually, there are two types of Rendang; the dried and the wet one. The dried Rendang can be saved for 3-4 months. There will not the different taste if you warm it up at least once for three days. While the wet one, called Kalio can be saved for 1 month with the same way of keeping. It usually is eaten with rice or ketupat.

So, can you imagine how flavorful beef Rendang is? Be sure that this is one of the unforgettable tastes from ancient origin Indonesian food. This is a dish for people who have high appetite in spice of food. Are you interested to taste it?