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Beautiful Batik Paintings – Enhance Your Home Decoration

Batik art is very ancient and beautiful art of making paintings by using Wax. It has been practiced in India for over 2100 years now. The selection of waxes is substantial to the quality of the finished Batik. Beeswax and Paraffin are the two waxes that mainly used in Batik and combined in different proportions. The best quality of textiles fabric and vegetable dyes are used for Batik painting.

The making of a this beautiful painting is an elaborate process which includes three integral stages of waxing, dyeing and de-waxing. In first step, thorough washing of the cloth is done to remove the starch. Then cloth is dried, ironed and stretched on a wooden frame. The second step involves making a rough charcoal sketch to mark outline of the theme. The design develops gradually with each coat of waxing. An exclusive effect of the Batik Painting is the fine cracks that emerge in the wax which in turn allows trickling of dye to seep in. The use of natural dyes for colouring makes the process eco-friendly.

There are several different styles of painting:

Batik Painting: It is a believed that Batik painting originated in the Indonesia. Dye and wax mix to produce magic on the cloth and this magic is well known as ‘Batik Painting’. The technique of wax resist in art form makes it viable and unique.

Tie-Dye Painting: The process of tie-dye portions of the fabric are balanced/ tied along with rubber and strings bands. When the fabric is dyed, the covered portions remain un-coloured and the beautiful pattern comes up. Some of the common designs created are bull-eye, striped, spiral etc. The dyeing process of fabric may include dipping the cloth in a tub of dye, so this process is also called as dip dyeing.

Shibori:Shibori is one of the tradition forms of fabric painting. It includes binding, folding, stitching and compressing the fabric, to resist the dye and develop patterns. Shibori is a narrow and long Kimono cloth, wound around a 12ft long wooden pole. The cloth is wound with a thread, when it is compressed on the pole, the thread creates wrinkle on the cloth. There are other forms of Shibori like suji, nui, miura and Kumo.

Batik painting is one of the most beautiful art of using wax and natural colour. These are done on wall hangings, cushion covers, shawls and Saris. It look attractive and increase the beauty of your room. They are available in handloom stores, crafts and boutiques. The best quality of these paintings is its potray in religious themes as well as natural geometric patterns with the combination of durability. Batik painting is particularly famous in Orissa, West Bengal and Tamilnadu.