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Bearded Dragon Lizard — The Ideal Pet Lizard for Sale

Bearded Dragon Lizard — The Ideal Pet Lizard for Sale

If you’re looking for an exotic pet for your children you may want consider the Bearded Dragon Lizard. While most people are squeamish about having a reptile as a pet, you might change your mind once you get to know the Bearded Dragon Lizard better.

Bearded Dragon Lizards are extremely gentle and docile. They make great pets for children and adults. They are very trusting and it may be possible to carry these lizards the first time and they wouldn’t mind. This makes them very ideal as pets.

They are loyal and easy to carry around. This is in stark comparison with other pets that may get agitated and may inadvertently hurt their owners. The Bearded Dragon Lizard is in all practicality safe from this kind of danger. So if you’re looking for an exotic pet, they may want consider the bearded and lizard.


Bearded Dragon Lizards get their name from their appearance. This is because they have an inflatable flap of skin beneath their jaws. When agitated, these lizards inflate this flap which he then makes to look like a beard. Also, the lizard has the ability to make this flap turn black, further adding to the beard-like look.

Bearded Dragon Lizards are hardy pets. They are found all over Australia and can survive in the desert, in wood lands, or even in populated areas. In fact, these lizards don’t mind if there are people in its vicinity. It doesn’t even mind if they are animals in its vicinity.

You could pick it up to get another place and it wouldn’t mind. They don’t easily feel threatened and will definitely make a gentle and manageable pet. They have an agreeable nature and take a lot to provoke.

Bearded Dragon Lizards can go up to 2 feet in length from tail to head. But even though they reach this length they are definitely manageable by even children. When hatched, the measure about two to 3 inches and increased steadily in length per week.

Caring for your Bearded Dragon Lizard

Caring for a Bearded Dragon Lizard is pretty straightforward. These lizards don’t need much attention, save for daily maintenance. Aside from this they can pretty much take care of themselves. They easily adapt to most environments, so building a habitat for them shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Choosing a Bearded Dragon Lizard

There are ways to find out if the dragon lizard you’re looking at is healthy or not. When choosing a Bearded Dragon Lizard make sure you look at its tail. For most lizards, the tail will tell you a good deal about the lizard’s health.

If the tail has fat stores then the lizard is probably healthy. If the lizard’s tail is bony and has no fat stores, they probably are malnourished or even dehydrated. Try going for healthier lizards when choosing one for a pet.

Also, look at the lizard’s eyes. A healthy Bearded Dragon Lizard should have alerts and clear eyes. Unhealthy Bearded Dragon Lizards have unhealthy eyes that are sunken due to dehydration.


A Bearded Dragon Lizard is a great addition to a family as a pet. Not only are they low-maintenance, they are also very gentle and easy to handle. They are definitely the paradigm of the ideal pet. Now if only other pets could be this easy to handle and this agreeable.