Beaches in Bali You Must Visit

Are you looking for a place to visit this year? Bali is all what you need. This island provides you many kinds of tourism object. I warn you: no matter how much time you will spend for vacation, it is never enough if what you visit is Bali!

Bali is located in Indonesia. Located at 8°25′23″S 115°14′55″E / 8.42306°S 115.24861°E, it is the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Look at your map, and you will find this island is lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east.

Called as The Island of God, it is the largest tourist destination in Indonesia. You can find so many kinds here. Not only its beautiful tourism objects, but also its highly developed arts, such as painting, dance, sculpture, leather, music, and metalworking. The traditional ceremonies regularly done by the citizens are also unique things you must see.

There are many beaches located at every side in Bali. The most popular one is Kuta since the waves are good for surfing. Kuta Beach is even more popular than the country itself! Many people know Kuta, but they do not even know that it is a part of Indonesia!

Actually, you can find other beaches if you look for a silent one, especially for honeymoon. Kuta Beach is getting too crowded since so many tourists come here every day. Here are some beaches you should visit when you arrive at Bali.

LOVINA BEACH – Can you find a word which sounds like “love” here? No need to question, this is a perfect island for honeymoon, or just for totally relaxing yourself. Located at the north part of Bali, it has calm sea water and blackish chromatic sand. And you will see this special show: dolphins swimming behind you when you are on your boat! You can find hundreds of dolphins in the morning if you go 1 km offshore. When they surround you, they will jump and it is like an attraction.

SANUR BEACH – Located in east side of Denpasar, Sanur has been famous since a long time ago. The wave is not so big, so it will save if you come with children. Here, you can try some recreations such as snorkeling, surfing, water recreation, canoeing, jet ski, and parasailing. Do not worry of accommodations. You will find international class hotel, restaurants, and a lot of art shop.

KUTA BEACH – No need to describe it further since it is known well worldwide! Its white sands, great waves, and amazing sunset view interest so many surfers. If you are lucky, you can find Penyu (turtle) lay their eggs. They are under protection of Indonesian Law, so if you find turtle eggs, you can protect them by contacting the securities near you.

KUSAMBA BEACH – Located about 7 km eastwards from Semarapura city, it represents a very interesting object to visit. Here, you can see fisherman coast and salt works. You will see fishermen sealing to look for the fish and salt farmers who re making salt in the coastal periphery.

SUANA BEACH – It is famous for its white sand and beautiful hills. You can also visit Giri Putri cave nearby the beach. The cave has a lot of stalagmite and stalactite inside. Some cave’s mouths are wide enough for you to see hilly view.

SULUBAN BEACH – This beach is one of coasts located in Countryside Pecatu and resides between Uluwatu area and Labuhan Sait. It is peaceful since it is far from noise. If you love surfing, you can do it here. To find a good surfing area, you have to descend the bank and enter the wide cave then to sea level for the surfing place.