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Batik Scarf

The batik scarf has been becoming a popular fashion accessory in the modern world today. While both batik designs and the humble scarf is steeped in tradition, they combine to produce the batik scarf which can add an exotic touch to the wardrobe.

Batik products have their roots in a type of dye technique called the wax resist dye method. This technique was first seen in ancient Egypt where they were used to wrap the bodies of various mummies at the time. Today however, there are two main centers of batik production, India and South East Asia.

The main producers of the best products are from India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The most highly sought types are those that are produced in Indonesia. Indonesia has a rich history of batik making that can be traced centuries back.

Like Malaysia, batik products in Indonesia were traditionally worn by people from nobility and aristocrats. This is still seen today as batik is still a popular choice among politicians attending social functions as well as the respective nobility.

Batik shirts and attire are viewed as formal wear in Indonesia and Malaysia and is very much a part of their cultures. Undoubtedly, the most highly sought after examples are those that are produced in Indonesia. They have some of the best designs that are influenced by religion and culture from specific regions such as Bali and Java.

While batik products have never been widespread globally, they have become much more accessible to just about anyone from any country. One of main reasons for increased accessibility is undoubtedly the internet. Such goods along with fashion ideas travel through this medium increasingly nowadays which may be why the batik scarf has slowly been making inroads. While not very popular in the West, used correctly, the batik scarf can add glamor and sophistication as day wear or even during formal functions.