Batik In Easy Steps

There are a great many types of arts and craft projects to attempt. Here you can learn to make wonderful batik items in a few easy steps.

Equipment for the dyeing processBucket, hot water, salt, soda ash, dye powder

Procedure for immersion dyingFill bucket with water (hot enough to dissolve salt and soda ash) add 1 level teaspoon soda ash and 2 level teaspoons salt per liter of water. Dissolve dye powder separately in a glass jelly jar. When fully dissolved add to bucket. When the water is lukewarm, immerse the batik into the bucket and keep it moving gently for approximately 10 minutes. Leave the batik in the bucket for a further 30 minutes moving it occasionally. Rinse batik lightly and leave to dry overnight (minimum time) in order to fix the dye.

Equipment for the application of waxTjanting, brushes, wax burner, wax, white cotton fabric

Procedure for application of waxHeat a mix of 2/3 paraffin and 1/3 beeswax in an approved wax burner to the correct temperature (specified on your burner) fill the tjanting and gently wipe the bowl (to prevent drips) apply the wax to your cloth in the design of your choice. Brushes may also be used at this stage.

Bandana (immersion dyed once)1.Application of hot wax onto white cotton by brush and tjanting2.Immerse in cold water dye3.Dry overnight4.Removal of wax by boiling

This is a single color piece for the novice at batik. When you have mastered this initial step you can move on to further projects using more colors and intricate work. These fabric pieces can be used in all sorts of ways from decorating craft boxes to wall hangings and even clothing.