Bali’s Best Wildlife

Bali Butterfly Park

On a Bali holiday take a visit to the largest butterfly park in Asia for a guaranteed glimpse of the rare bird-wing butterflies. The park is set in intricately landscaped gardens and offers a rare sighting of species which are endemic to Indonesia. The adjoining centre provides resources on the importance of butterfly conservation and what you can do to help conserve the insect upon returning home from your Bali tour holiday. Whether you’re passionate about butterfly conservation, or just love butterflies, make sure you end your visit with a trip to the gift shop, which is stocked full of amazing souvenirs.

Elephant Safari

The Elephant Safari Park is located thirty minutes away from the town of Ubud, which features many visitor resorts and Bali hotels for easy access. Featuring 27 endangered Sumatran elephants, the park is known to be the biggest of its kind and is designed to not only give visitors a close encounter of these mammoth beasts, but also to educate them on the role of the elephant. Visitors will enjoy taking an elephant safari through the landscaped botanical gardens and natural forest and, when they aren’t ferrying visitors around on their Bali tour holidays, the elephants can also be found engaged in many different pursuits, from painting to posing for visitor photographs. As well as the famous Elephant Safari, the park also houses a comprehensive Elephant Museum, which is home to the only mammoth skeleton in the Southern hemisphere.

Taman Burung Bali

Whilst on your Bali holidays, you may want to take a visit to the Taman Burung Bali. These tropical gardens are home to the largest bird park in Bali, which houses over 1000 birds. Of all these birds, the most enigmatic is the Bali Mynah, which is considered by many to be the rarest bird in the world. The source of its imminent extinction is the illegal pet trade, and Taman Burung Bali not only aims to campaign against this, but also to help preserve the species in captivity.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Located near to the Bali hotels of Ubud, the Monkey Forest is a popular destination with tourists on their Bali holidays. It is home to a plethora of wild monkeys, which can’t be petted, but which you’ll find are perfectly tame enough to steal your packed lunch or bananas. Whilst the Ubud Monkey Forest is significantly smaller than the one at Sangeh, the monkeys here are easily much more entertaining.

Bullock Racing

Bullock racing is a popular sport in Bali and if you’re attending your Bali holidays during the racing seasons of July and October then be sure to attend a race. The bulls are decked out with silk banners, painted horn, and bells, and each given a wooden chariot to pull. As they career along the road at 50km/hr you may even catch the charioteers pulling the bulls tails in order to make them run faster. These ancient races are unlike anything which you’ll ever see again, and if you get the opportunity, they simply must be experienced on your Bali holidays.