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Bali Real Estate

The recent global recession affects all sectors of business ranging from home industry to major international company. With the stock markets being chaotic, investors are trying to find another means as their tool to overcome this situation and still gain profits. One of those means is the real estate business, especially in certain under-priced region like Bali.

Bali is one of the most sought after area amongst tourists’ destinations on the globe and Bali real estate business grows massively each year. Elected as the second most favorite islands this year after the Maldives with developments on villas, apartments, condominiums on the rise Bali will stay strong and steadily attracts a lot of global investors to come and to have apiece of the cake. Compared to Thailand or Hawaii, real estate business in Bali is still under priced and underestimated. However, certain investors could see the opposite and make the smart move towards 2009 where the property value can go up to minimal 20%!!

Mr. A had just been offered a beachfront apartment for US$245,000 and purchased it at US$196,000. That’s 20% off the market price. Next year the price will go up 20% and if he wants to sell it he’ll get 40% (20% + 20%) capital appreciations in just a couple of month’s time plus the rental incomes of the apartment. That is just one example of what Bali real estate can offer to the investors and why it is a perfect investment tools. A lot of medias such as magazines, newspapers, travel and leisure websites are promoting Bali real estate aggressively, covering all sides of it from the plusses and the minuses making sure that the investors are fully aware ofwhat’s new and special offers on the island.

Prestigious names such as St.Regis and The W hotel have entered the scene and with their worldwide reputations and services, these power players made Bali even classier than before. This triggered more investors to follow their footsteps in up and coming years. In due course Bali real estate will stay strong with definite growth and a very promising future in the Paradise Property Bali.