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Bali Mosaic Tiles – How Anyone Can Install It!

By using Bali Mosaic Tiles remodeling you get an excellent opportunity to bring nature into your home design. It seems like no other tiling technique can be used for so many applications as provided by these stone panels. Thinking of tiling surfaces by yourself? Read the following review.


It is known for its ease of use but mostly for what it is made of – Bali Mosaic Tiles redecoration is actually based on a collection of seamless naturally polished stones organized and then mounted onto a standard sq/ft mesh backing. If you intend to conduct a small research about the origin of these tiles, I’ll save you the effort – most of them are originated from the island of Bali – Indonesia. Practically, it enables you to coat any desired surface you choose: All shower and kitchen surfaces including walls and flooring, patios, swimming pools, counters and counter tops, and much more.

Main benefits

This solution quickly brings immediate and clear advantages:

* Considered inexpensive compared to other similar solutions.

* Easily installed over existing surfaces such as old ceramics or plain concrete.

* Easy to be cleaned and maintained.

Important advices!

* Measure the designated area first, and then add 5%-7% more to your order just as a backup for future use and in case you may need to repair or cut small tile pieces in order to tile small /narrow spaces.

* To appreciate the beauty of these ‘Nature-Made’ panels, it is recommended on removing the excess grout with a wet sponge. After all, you want to expose as much of the stones as possible.

* In order to ensure an even color layout of the tiles, sort them before installation.

We could easily find many other great benefits provided by this simple redesigning method simply because it provides virtually unlimited remodeling options to any space and surface at any size and location whether for interior or exterior uses.

Article summary

What this Bali Mosaic Tiles technique can do for you? It can easily turn any plain area whether in the inside or in the outside into a beautiful living space at minimal cost and effort on your side. If you wish to succeed with your first installation it is recommended to keep the above advices before you begin with installation.