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Bali in the Backyard – How to Build a Bali

Bali in the Backyard – How to Build a Bali Hut

There’s plenty of ways to add some style and structure to your backyard. The huge range in pergolas alone will have you spoiled for choice! If, however, you’re looking for that backyard addition with a difference, you might want to consider building a Bali hut. Also called a tiki hut, these structures are usually made of course raffia or other similar materials and give a rustic tropical island feel to your home. They’re especially beneficial if you have a backyard pool, as they can provide shelter and shade as well as decoration, but any home looking for an outdoor entertaining area with a difference can take advantage of the beauty and fun that a Bali hut offers. Check out these tips to get you on your way!

Location, Location, Location!

The positioning of your Bali hut is a key consideration when you’re erecting the structure. Wherever you put the hut is going to be the logical place for people to gravitate, so you need to think of convenience and practicality as well as looks. If you’re going to incorporate lighting, you’ll want to place it within easy reach of an electrical outlet, and if you’re thinking of using it as an outdoor dining area you’ll want a sheltered position that takes advantage of the view. It’s also important to ensure your hut isn’t obstructing access or visibility too much.

Seating and Furniture

If you want to go with the traditional bar setting you’d find in a tropical setting, the best way to set up your Bali hut is with a casual bar inside and stool-seating located around it. If you’d like your Bali hut to function more as a dining room, it’s entirely acceptable to either build or purchase outdoor chairs and a table to use inside. Alternatives, you can custom-make a table for the middle of the hut and build bench seats around the periphery of the hut, for a communal and authentic feel.


Here’s the fun part! you can be as creative as you like with the decor of your Bali hut, and depending on how tropical kitsch you want to go you can really get adventurous! incorporate surf memorabilia, pictures and even tropical-themed plants for a truly resort-style experience in your own backyard, but remember to personalise it–after all, what’s the point of having your very own Bali hut if no-one knows it’s yours! Include family pictures, memorabilia that’s important to you and your very own distinct style–it’ll make hanging out there all the more enjoyable for you and your friends!

When it comes to enhancing the great outdoors of your home, you’ve got plenty of options, but while verandas and patios are fun, you can really get imaginative with a Bali hut, and give your family and friends a taste of the exotic in your very own backyard.