Bali Apartments – How to Rent Directly From an Owner

Bali Apartments – How to Rent Directly From an Owner

Maybe you have decided to do things a little bit differently this vacation and look into short-term apartment rentals for your next trip to Bali, Indonesia. With the rapid growth on this gorgeous tropical island in recent years, the increased population density in the southern part of the island where most of the tourists stay has resulted in lots of new apartment building construction. Unlike 10 years ago renting Bali apartments is an attractive alternative for many people, especially if you’re coming with a family.

It is easy enough to find owners of apartments looking to rent out their units for periods of time when they are absent. A quick search online will lead you to Craigslist or the Bali Advertiser Classifieds online, and many owners have even built websites around units that they own. There are few questions you won’t want to forget to ask an owner whose unit you are considering renting out for your stay:

It may seem like an extravagance, but most foreigners who live in Bali employ a maid for a few hours a day to help with basic tasks around their home or their apartment. It would be reasonable to expect maid service to be included with your apartment rental, possibly every other day or so, but be sure and ask.

Naturally things like airport pickup and whether or not there is an Internet connection included with your rental would be important to ask about. Additionally you should make sure that most of the amenities that you would find in a hotel room will be included with your apartment rental: toiletry items, towels etc.

You should be sure and get a sense of just how far away from the ocean the unit is. If you come to Bali looking for some sand and surf you’ll want to be no more than a few hundred meters away maximum, and as most apartments on the island are pretty well-located it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Try and get a sense of how well the area in which the apartment is located will fit you. The areas of Kuta and Tuban, close to the airport, are known for short-term tourists who are often younger, and come to party as much or more than they do to experience the Balinese culture. Seminyak and Legian are a little quieter, more upscale and home to more of an expat crowd. On the southeast coast of the island, Sanur is also on the quiet side, but like Seminyak has great restaurants and a rather laid-back scene.

You might just find that dealing with a Bali apartment owner is much easier than the front desk of the big hotel. You can expect more personalized service from a person who will be much more inclined to answer all of your questions, which is handy if it’s your first visit to Bali. All in all, renting Bali apartments is an idea worth looking into: you just might enjoy it more than other kinds of accommodations.