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Authentic Hawaiian Dresses

Hawaiian dresses bright, near-decadent colors capture the allure and spirit of the tropics.  But only if that dress is authentic.  That doesn’t just mean purchased from a store in Hawaii, though that helps; no, a true Hawaiian dress is designed through the rigorous, yet elegant art of Batik. 

Quick Explanation

Batik is the ancient technique of dying cloth.  Cotton, silk or rayon with a high thread count is used to absorb wax designs during the dying process.  A white cloth, made from one of those fabrics, is placed on a table.  Using a stencil, a pattern is created and wax is applied.  The cloth is then placed in a dye bath.  The waxed designs stay white.  A second application of wax, this time darker, is applied to add color to the design.  The cloth is dyed again.  The waxed designs are then heated and scraped, removing all the wax but leaving the designs.  Two new coats of wax are added for color and defined edges.  A third dye bath is given.  Afterwards, the wax is again removed.  The Batik process is complete; the original white cloth has been transformed into a beautiful crafted dress.  Snagging an outfit created by this process cements a bond with the island that lasts a lifetime. 

A Hawaiian dress can be worn anywhere.  But there are some situations and locals that are ideal for donning a tropical outfit:

A Tropical Cruise

There’s no better time to wear a flowery long gown than when sailing the open seas.  A brightly designed dress matches the devil-may-care attitude of the cruise.  Sit on the deck absorbing the sun or spend the night dancing and laughing, all under the guise of a hand crafted Hawaiian outfit. 

A Luau

The festive nature of a torch lit evening, filled with dancing, eating and drinking requires the laid back look of a tropical dress.  Enjoy the company of other guests while styling in intricately designed Hawaiian wear.  A long dress, while more formal, is a wonderful piece to adorn for an evening of high excitement. 

Tropical Wedding

Close friends are getting married in a few months.  They’ve decided to get hitched in St. Thomas, wanting a less traditional but equally beautiful ceremony.  The best thing to wear is a formal Hawaiian dress.  That sounds like an oxymoron, formal and Hawaiian.  However, a dress hand painted with coral and flowers makes a fitting outfit for such a special ceremony. 

Take the beautiful nature and sultry style of the tropics wherever you go.  A Hawaiian dress complements any occasion with a bright sense of acceptance, as your gleeful outfit will emanate a joyous feeling to everyone you meet.