Are There Real Pokemon?

I don’t know much about Pokemon, except that they get their name from ‘pocket monster,’ meaning that you can shrink them and keep them in a ball in your pocket. Tournaments, rather like cock fights, are held between the various monsters for prestige in the Pokemon world.

And I wonder just how hard it would be to genetically alter animals that we have today into specialized creatures that can be used in all sorts of situations. It would surely just be a matter of extracting and combining DNA strands, wouldn’t it? Creatures as we know them today have many odd traits as it is, and Pokemon share some of these traits. Take the electric eel for example. Electric eels already pack quite a wallop, maybe even enough to kill a man, but what if we could magnify the electricity and combine its DNA with another creature, like a ferret? Such an animal could be used in combat, for one thing.

Reptiles provide us DNA for the production of powerful poisons, and the mouth of Komodo Dragon is so filthy that a bite often produces a fatal infection. There are plenty of poisonous fish as well. Mammals offer us defenses like porcupine quills and the stink of a skunk. Other mammals offer speed and agility, or massive strength and size.

There is really almost no end to the creatures one could build in a lab if we were able to crack the combining DNA code. You could look at the whole animal kingdom (or even the plant kingdom for that matter) and come up with any combination you wanted. Obviously industry is going to have a hey day producing ostrich sized chickens and pocket sized cows, according to whichever way the marketing winds blow. The world is getting ready to explode in diversity as it has never seen before- if we crack that code.