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Apartment Renting In Legian, Seminyak – Bali

The tropical paradise island Bali beckons one and all. Irrespective of what may have rocked this friendly island in the past, you would still find tons of tourists, thronging the island every year. The island is enchanting and coupled with the warmth and friendliness of her inhabitants; she sure knows how to make you feel at home. The island of the Gods has grown into a beautiful paradise over time and the population has increased. But that doesn’t deter an excited traveler from stepping foot into the warmth of the nation.

Most love the place because of the family oriented ambience it offers. Plus who wouldn’t like a little quiet “me time” when vacationing? That doesn’t mean, you would bore yourself to death living there; Seminyak and Legian offers the traveler great party times and with a slower pace of life as compared to other places, Seminyak and Legian has been an ideal haunt for many tourists from across the globe. Tourists look at either sharing or even living in rented apartments around Seminyak and Legian. Today we shall tell you how to go about looking for a rented place around the quiet Seminyak and Legian regions.

Seminyak and Legian offers a mix of expats and Indonesians as well. They work there or live their lives. Most tourists look for villas and apartments around these places and they look for something affordable. The reasonable prices for renting apartments have made Seminyak and Legian the most wanted places to live in. You could live comfortably at the famous Javakarta Bali Beach Resort, which has apartments ranging from four to five story houses. But if you go inwards to Legian street, which is a stones throw away from the beach; one would find cheaper rented accommodations that would certainly match your budget.Remember, although Seminyak and Legian is known to be busy and crowded sometimes, you may want to check with the traffic situation around where you want to rent an apartment. Sunset Road, Legian, Denpasar and even Imam Bonjol are known to be crowded and the traffic is unimaginable at certain times of the day. If you are a beach person, you would then want to have a rented apartment close to the sun and sandy shores. The best bet here would then be the west end of Seminyak and Legian, the beaches here is close in proximity and wouldn’t be a task to reach.

Finally, when searching for Seminyak and Legian apartments on rent, you could check real estate websites (Bali apartment rentals) online or speak to your local travel agent who would be your best guide for the same. Walk down Legian street and you find great shops to buy clothes, souvenirs or enter one of the many massage parlors for a relaxing and soothing foot massage. No wonder the township of Seminyak and Legian is such a hit with the tourists these days, especially when renting an apartment comes for cheap and you have a nice quiet place of your own to relax and watch the beautiful sunset every evening.