Allstate Commercials

Do you like the new Allstate commercials? I think they are pretty hilarious, and not to mention, pretty genius. Why genius you ask? Well I’ll explain. Allstate has done a brilliant thing by taking an invisible force, aka, Mayhem, and turned it into a living, breathing, talking life form. A human!

While watching these commercials, we noticed that this Mayhem is there, talking to it’s eventual victims, telling them along the way what it’s about to do to them. This alone is part of the reason why the commercials are so funny. They are very smart in the way that they make us laugh. If we are laughing, we aren’t thinking negatively which means we don’t have time to refute what Allstate is advertising to us. Genius…I think so. You can see all of these commercials

Take for example the “I’m a deer” commercial. Dean Winters is wandering out of the woods while eating leaves from a tree when he steps out onto the road. Surely this is something you’ve done before. I don’t mean acting like a deer, I mean you’ve probably had to slam on your brakes to avoid that deer at some point in your life. So here comes Mr. Winters, out onto the road when he gets frozen in his tracks by an oncoming car. What does he do? Of course he freezes in the headlights “Because that was us deer do” he says. He is flug up and over the hood of the vehicle then comes to an abrubt landing on the hard cement ground. At this time he goes on and on about Allstates stellar service and how if you have cut rate insurance, you’ll be in the hole for this accident. But the thing is, we are laughing at this point and we have developed some rapport with Winters because of the absolute humor he just displayed to us.

So of course we’d be willing to listen to his Allstate message. I mean, we can’t get enough of him at this point. We’d probably continue to listen to him talk for five more minutes if we could. Funny ads equal better business. I guarantee Allstate has seen a dramatic increase in their customer base ever since these commercials have started to air. If they haven’t I would be very surprised. The best commercial in my opinion is the one where Winters is a “satellite.” Go to Allstate Commercials to see it and more.