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Activities For the Beach

Beaches and islands provide a wide range of activities for vacationers. Depending on what you’re interested in, there is an island in the world for you. The number of beach activities available for vacationers depends on the size of the island and its location in the world.

Generally, most islands offer the standards: snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, and kayaking. Larger islands such as Bali, Hawaii, Reunion, and Fernando de Noronha offer many more activities such as hiking, jungle trekking, wild life safaris, and surfing. In fact surfing is a widespread activity on many of the largest and most popular destinations in the world. Surfing is a very physical sport where beach goers learn to ride the waves and stand up on a board. It’s very hard but a great work out and lessons can be done very cheaply.

Jungle trekking allows people a chance to see the local flora and fauna and get out of the sun for a day. However, it is only the larger islands, most notably the ones in the pacific region, that offer this activity as many other islands in the world tend to be small and don’t offer the extensive amount of jungles and wildlife that these large islands can. Some of the best islands to hike around include Hawaii, Bali, Fiji, Bora Bora, Reunion, and Cebu.

By far the most popular activities involve the ocean. Vacationers look forward to exploring the ocean and seeing the vast reefs and abundant fish that inhabit the waters beneath the surface. Some of the best diving in the world can be found in the Seychelles, the Maldives, Bali, Thailand, and Australia. Small Islands such as Ko Lipe, the Gili Isands, and Curacao offer little else to the traveler than beaches, sun, seafood, and scuba diving. For those not interested in scuba diving, there is always snorkeling. Snorkelers simply float on top of the water with a mask and fins and stare down and look at the wildlife below. You can “dive” down a few feet to get a closer view but can’t get the personal view that diving offers.

Beaches offer a wide variety of activities beyond just getting a tan. For those interested in traveling to islands, it’s important to thoroughly research the type of beach activities you want. While the majority of islands can accommodate your needs, for those looking for more active island adventures need to look for large islands or large chains of islands so you can get a wide variety of activities to do.