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A Tube of Red Lipstick And Your Dentist Marketing!

The other day, my wife drug me into a big, clothing store and made me sit with her at one of those make-up counters.

How come?

Because my wife wanted some feedback on a couple of tubes of red lipstick.

She wanted to know… which tube of red looked best?

Now, I know as much about lipstick… as an orangutan knows about beach volleyball.

But to humor my wife, I took a deep breath and gave her my opinion.

This got me wondering if there is there any connection between shopping with my wife and the success of your dentist marketing promotions?

Actually there is. Check this out:

You see, if you want advice on how to make your marketing kick some serious butt, then you must ask for help from someone qualified to give marketing advice.

Everyone else’s opinion matters little.

So that means not asking your staff what they think. While they might be nice people, chance are they are not marketing experts.

That also means not taking advice from the yellow page… val pak… or newspaper reps. Their job is to sell you advertising… not get you results.

So, who can you turn to for help? What can you do?

I suggest you get your hands on solid marketing materials. And then “kick ideas around” with a Master Mind group.

A Master Mind group… is a team of “like minded” small business owners… all working together to help each other break through obstacles. And achieve goals.

Truth is…learning… asking questions… and then taking action are the only ways to rock your dental marketing promotions!