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A Trip to Ark Avilon Zoo

I finally convinced my partner to visit Ark Avilon Zoo near Tiendesitas last weekend. I don’t know exactly why but I really wanted to visit a zoo. It was the nearest I can think of. At first, I was hesitant because I thought he might laugh at me for wanting to visit a zoo since it’s a place for kids! But I figured, “Who said adults can’t have the same amount of fun kids do in a zoo?”

Ark Avilon Zoo is located at Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, Corner C-5, Pasig. It’s beside Fun Ranch and very near Tiendesitas.

The zoo claims to be the 1st and only interactive indoor zoo in the Philippines as of date. Its concept and structure is patterned from the biblical story of Noah’s Arc. So it actually looks like a boat!

To refresh our memory:

The story of Noah’s Ark can be found in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. It tells the story of Noah, who was instructed by God to build a vessel to save his family and samples of animals all over the world from a great flood. The flood will be sent by God to destroy the evilness of men.

Most of the animals are enclosed with a glass wall for viewing. Remember not to tap the glass as to avoid aggravating the animals!

A slightly elevated area inside the Ark Avilon Zoo for animal interaction. At the back is a small waterfalls and pond for some of the zoo’s aquatic animals and reptiles.

Visitors are allowed to interact with some of the birds. I was able to sit beside an eagle and have my picture taken. I’m supposed to be scared but probably my love for animals and the assurance I got from one of the zoo’s keepers that it’s safe made me overcome my fear of touching a real live eagle! I was also able to pet a cockatoo! The bird even stayed on my shoulder for awhile. On the side, cockatoos are very sociable birds!

A feeding station can be found on the second floor for guinea pigs and rabbits. For Php10, you will be given a small portion of a carrot on a stick for feeding. If you’re in your slippers or open-toed shoes, you better stay inside the area allocated for feeders (located at the center) to avoid accidental bites.

Here are some of the animals you will encounter… or see in Ark Avilon Zoo:

There’s a puma and a leopard. Both were very sleepy during our visit. You’ll also see a tortoise that I found quite fascinating. Imagine carrying all that weight all his life! Now I’m wondering why I didn’t try to touch him. Maybe all he needs is a good pat. A few sheep can be found on the second deck. Visitors are allowed to feed some of the animals in this floor for a price. A few leaves is worth Php10 if you’d like to feed these beh-sounding animal. There’s also a sea eagle. I’m amazed how these animals can withstand all the clicking and flashing of our cameras without being annoyed. Some people ought to learn patience from these creatures!

Don’t forget to look for Jenny, the orangutan. Do take a picture with her! She’s very friendly but kids, be careful! She’s quite heavy!

The staffs of Ark Avilon Zoo are very accommodating. Don’t hesitate to ask for their assistance or ask them any questions you might have.

Ark Avilon Zoo is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm Mondays through Thursdays and from 10:00am to 7:30pm during Fridays through Sunday and holidays. Entrance fee is P300 per person and P200 for kids 3.75 feet and below. Admission for children below 1yr old is FREE and Senior Citizen Card is accepted.

The zoo is not that huge, but it’s enough for families and friends to enjoy their visit! You may want to bring a towel, an extra shirt, and a bottle of water during your visit as it is rather hot inside this particular ark. This would probably depend on what time of the year you’ll be visiting. The heat this summer is really bad! Clean restrooms are provided on the ground floor for visitors.

Finally, my partner and I noticed how few of our local animals were included in the Ark Avilon Zoo. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of ours in our future visit.:)

For further details, you can contact them at (632) 706-2992 or please visit their site at http://arkavilonzoo.weebly.com/. You may also want to check out their Facebook Page.