A Brief History of Bali Island

With thousands of destinations to choose from, it can be difficult to find a luxury getaway. Luckily for vacationers, Bali Island is one of the most scenic and breathtaking escapes in the world. It not only is known for its amazing beaches and unique culture, but it provides any family with a tropical vacation. No matter what type of accommodations you can afford, Bali Island is an awe-inspiring escape.

With over three million inhabitants, it is no surprise that these people are extremely close. Families are tightly interwoven, and support is a constant reminder of how much they need one another. Most of these families practice Hinduism, which began around the island in the eleventh century. For this reason, art is very strong presence on the island. It is not uncommon for every family member to either be an artist or dancer. From painting to music – these passions are welcome in the beautiful territory. Therefore, it is no surprise that Bali residents make most of their income from handcrafts and other creations.

Although terrorist attacks took place in 2002 and recently, the island is still beautiful to visit. Natives have held strong positive outlooks and are constantly supporting one another through these tough times. While some vacationers are afraid to visit this island, it is completely safe and uplifting. Therefore, if you are looking for a great getaway, the Bali Island still can provide you with serenity and peace.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Bali is the Bali Villas. These villas provide vacationers with a stunning escape, whether it is on the beach or surrounded by a lush garden. Most of these villas in Bali include luxuries such as personal chefs and pools. While Bali villa rentals can be expensive, there are many features you can do without. By opting for a standard room, your price will significantly drop. Also, there are hundreds of hotels which provide villas on the beach or water. These Bali villas are a lot more affordable, as they are not in their own backyard. However, while these are lower in price, they are not as plush. Vacationers not only lack privacy, but the noise from the hotel may make the experience less serene. Nevertheless, no matter what your preference is, villas in Bali are lavish. If you do have the money to spend, your Bali villa rental will treat you like royalty. You certainly will never be able to forget such a memorable experience.

Bali Island provides more than just a peaceful escape from the fast paced everyday world. It teaches vacationers about a different culture; one that combines family, art, and religion. It is uplifting to see the determination in their eyes and such friendliness from these inhabitants. No matter where you are looking to stay – whether it be a Bali villa or a discount hotel, you can easily find peace and beauty. Bali will leave you wanting more, and perhaps you will stay an extra week or two.