8 Steps On How To Make Batik

Are you interested to make your own batik? Or you want to learn to create this beautiful art. Or perhaps you are just looking for the tutorial on how to making batik. In this article you find what you want.

Tools for making batik:

Some of the tools here are in Indonesian term but I’m sure you will understand.

1. Mori fabric (can be made from silk, cotton, or a mixture of polyester fabric) 2. Pencil 3. Canting (this is for creating design using wax) 4. Gawangan (this is the place to hang fabric when you are creating design) 5. Liquid wax 6. Small pan 7. Small stove (to heat the wax) 8. Solvent dyes

Here we go, we are all set to making batik.

1. First on how to making batik, we make the initial pattern or design by using pencil. In Indonesian this pattern in this step is called “molani”. For the expert batik makers, they are able to create their own motif. But for beginners, it is advisable to follow the common motifs that are available.

2. After you finished creating molani, the next step is painting with molten wax by using canting by following the pattern that had been made before.

3. Cover the parts that will remain colorless by using wax. Use canting on detailed sections and use the brush on the large areas.

4. The fourth step is the coloring process by dipping the fabric into certain solvent dyes.

5. Drying the fabric that has been dipped.

6. If you want to have several colors, then the step number 3, 4, and 5 should be repeated several times depending on how many colors you want.

7. When the color of whole part of fabric has changed, it is time to boil it with hot water. The purpose of this process is to eliminate the wax so that the motive that has been created can be viewed clearly. In Indonesia, this process is called “nglorot”.

8. Of course this batik fabric needs to be washed to be clean. This is the last process of making batik. Wash and dry it.

Now you have the first DIY batik. Congratulations!