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5 Great Things to Do in Amed Bali and Around

5 Great Things to Do in Amed Bali and Around

Amed Bali is located in the north-eastern part of the island tucked away behind volcanic mountains such as the famous Gunung Agung, the holiest mountain on Bali.

Not that many travellers know about Amed or the area where it’s located and that’s a good thing so it can keep its laid back character and not turn into the chaos which you’ll find in the south nowadays. Here are 5 great things to do when you visit Amed Bali.

1. When you’ve just arrived after hours in the car you have to chill at he pool and savour the marvelous view from the hills at one if not the best boutique hotel in the area, the Anda Amed resort. Their rooms are surprisingly friendly prices ($60 USD) and with views to kill for.

Another good place to stay at is the Puri Wirata Dive Resort on the beach with proper rooms, friendly staff and a great pool to start your full Padi course.

2. After getting your Padi diving certificate it’s time to enjoy all that Amed has to offer, the amazing underwater world with ribbon sweet lips, sponges, turtles, bump head parrot fish etc.

Best places to enjoy these species are the Japanese shipwreck and just outside Amed in the hamlet of Tulamben, the old US WO II ship wreck ‘The Liberty’ which is located just 30 meters out of the coast and which lies on a depth of 30 meters with the tip of the ship just 3 meter below the surface.

3. If you’re interested in how the locals in Amed make sea salt head over to the Garam restaurant where on plots of land you can see the production of sea salt in various stages.

4. Just outside Amed on the road to Tirta Gangga you will encounter one of the most beautiful rice fields views where you see Balinese farmers ploughing their fields on steep hills with the help of the characteristic Asian buffalo called karbauw.

5. Since Amed is tucked away between Mount Seraya and Mount Agung the area is ideal for hiking. There’s a trail east of Jemuluk Bay which leads you the way to the top. There isn’t much vegetation of wildlife here, but if you leave early in the morning you’ll be treated with an amazing sunrise.

Amed Bali is a great place for those who love to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy southern parts of Bali and with lovely accommodation, restaurants and these 5 things to do you will definitely enjoy your stay on this magical part of the island.