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3 Days in Borneo – Things to Do and See

3 Days in Borneo – Things to Do and See

One of the biggest islands in the world, Borneo offers tourists a chance to experience its lush tropical rainforests and varied flora and fauna. Borneo is also one of the largest mega-biodiversity ecosystems in the world making it a prime spot for eco-tourism.

Located in Southeast Asia, Borneo can be divided into three sections. Each section falls into the jurisdiction of different countries with the north-western section belonging to Brunei, the northern section belonging to East Malaysia, and the remaining section belonging to Indonesia.

Day 1 – On their first day in Borneo, tourists will want to visit Brunei. Due to its rich oil and gas resources, Brunei is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This leg of their Borneo trip will allow visitors to experience the Temburong district first hand. There are many eco-tours that tourists may take part in. They can visit a traditional “longhouse” and go further up the river to pass by the Belalong National Park. This protected reserve offers guests canopy walks and guided tours.

Day 2 – On their second day, tourists will want to travel to the East Malaysian part of the island. From Brunei, travellers can enter East Malaysia through the duty free port of Labuan. From there they can visit the bustling city of Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah, or pass by the biggest Natural Gas processing plant in the world at the town of Bintulu.

Tourists will also want to visit the town of Miri, which is home to one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. This is also the launching site for forays into Gunung Mula National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day 3 – On the last day, visitors to Borneo will not want to miss a trip into Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of the island. Kalimantan is mostly covered in rainforests, and looking for transportation may prove to be a complicated affair. Fortunately, there are many agencies that offer guided tour packages of the area. This allows eco-tourists to concentrate on observing the thousands of plants and animals that can be found in Kalimantan.

Borneo is an eco-tourist’s paradise and showcases many of the wonderful and varied organisms that we share this planet with. Borneo is definitely one of the most beautiful eco-tourism hotspots in the world. A trip to this island paradise will leave visitors spellbound.