10 Things You Should Do In Bali – Some Personal

10 Things You Should Do In Bali – Some Personal Highlights

1. Pamper yourself

2. Visit a temple (or two)

3. Go shopping

4. See a (kecak) dance

5. Laugh at some cheeky monkeys

6. See a beautiful sunset

7. Run through the rain (if possible)

8. Eat, eat and eat

9. Spot some playing dolphins

10. Book your next trip

1. Pamper yourself

Enjoy your holiday to the fullest

“Massaaage??” You hear it every five minutes on the beach. Bali is of course the island for relaxation. So while your there, it’s easy to take good care of your mind and body.

In the tourist areas, you find spas on every corner. One of the better places to go is the Prana Spa in Seminyak. It’s a luxurious place and the treatments are well known and there are many to choose from.

Want to get healthier or more spiritual? The Bali Balance, also located in Seminyak, is your health spot. Here they offer you treatments like; Herbal Remedies, Massages, Acupuncture and many more.

2. Visit a temple (or two)

But keep it limited

The majority on Bali is Hindu and the place to practice this belief is of course in a Hindu temple. These temples are everywhere on the island; from small ones just on the street, to bigger family temples, to village-sized temples.

When you’re planning to spend your holiday in Bali, you’re probably planning to see some historical or cultural stuff. Great, make sure you see a temple to begin with and maybe if you have the change, visit a ceremony. Though, my mistake on previous holidays was that I saw too many of them. With almost every daytrip, there was a temple visit included. That’s the reason why I recommend just one temple, and it’s a big one so you’re allowed to skip the rest.

Pura Besakih a.k.a. The Mother TempleThis temple is definitely the “mother” of all temples; it’s located on the hill of Mount Agung and it is made up of courtyards with altars and shrines devoted to a number of gods. Take a guide there to show you around, but make sure you bargain about the price for it.

3. Go shopping

There’s plenty for everyone

Ok, so maybe it’s not your favourite thing to do (or maybe it is), but it’s sure fun to go shopping in Bali. Whether your looking for clothes, souvenirs or art, there’s enough choice for all.

When you go shopping in Bali, it’s a fact that you have to deal with bargaining. When you’re asking for the price, you’ll probably be shocked by the amount. But don’t worry, the Balinese expect you to bargain. I’m not going into the deep about the ‘art of bargaining’, but these things are important: keep smiling, determine your maximum amount that your willing to pay, explore more shops then just one, try walking away (because they might give you a much lower price) and last but not least; enjoy it!

Be aware of imitation! There are many shops in Bali that are selling fake designer brands. If you don’t mind, go ahead, but be aware of the rules in your home country when you’re trying to take them home.

The places where you need to shop are depending on what you want to buy. For just some clothing or souvenirs, you can stick around the tourist areas. For art, you are better of in Ubud or a small village nearby. For silver, you can go to Celuk. As you might notice, there’s a village for every product. Ask around or read in a travel book to find out where you can buy your things.

4. See a (Kecak) dance

Be aware! The cak-cak-cak sound might stick in your head

Again, the culture focused tourist, really should visit a traditional Balinese dance. One of the most famous of them all is the Kecak dance. In this dance, there will be cak-cak-cak sounds made by a large group of men and dancers will tell you a story in the most beautiful clothes and costumes.

There are several locations where you can witness a Kecak dance, but one place is quite spectacular; at the cliff of the Uluwatu temple. The dance starts right before sunset, so the setting is great and on your way you probably will spot some monkeys. Be aware of your personal belongings; these monkeys can be quite naughty. Enjoy the dance, sounds and sunset and make sure you don’t forget your camera.

5. Laugh at some cheeky monkeys

But don’t let them laugh at you

The animal kingdom in Bali is still quite impressing. Monkeys still live freely and you are able to spot them in the wild. There are several places in Bali where you can see the monkeys, but most famous is the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

The Monkey Forest is the home of hundreds long-tailed macaques and the forest is a beautiful place to see. There are no gates, so you can already spot the monkeys on the streets of Ubud.

Right before the entrance you can buy some bananas. This is a fun thing to do, but please not that the monkeys can be a bit aggressive in grabbing those bananas. So if you’re scared, just watch other people feeding the monkeys.

The macaques are quite funny; watch them playing around or acting crazy, but please don’t bother them. You’re the guest in their home, so they can be really angry when you’re disturbing them.

Make sure you bring a camera, because there can be some funny situations, but please watch out for your camera and other materials. Some monkeys can be little criminals and there are many tourists who have lost their (expensive) jewellery or glasses there.

6. See a beautiful sunset

(Or two, or three, or…)

The days are quite hot in Bali. Everyday it’s around 30 c / 86 f. The sun sets just after six o’clock and it’s the time to sit back, relax and get ready for a cooler evening (around 24 c / 75 f).

There are lots of places in Bali to see a great sunset, like the wide spread beaches. One of my favourite places is also located at the beach, but the setting is quite unique. Tanahlot, located 30 minutes from Kuta, is a great place to hang out around sunset. It’s a sacred place for the Balinese and you really can understand why. There’s an ancient temple right on the top of a big rock and the tie decides if it’s accessible.

Tanahlot is a touristy place, so make sure you’re there on time and grab yourself a spot on a rock. Enjoy the magic and the colourful sky, preferably with a loved one.

7. Run through the rain

If you get the chance

Travelling-guides are telling you often that the best time to go is the dry season (March- October). Maybe for many people it is (that’s why it’s crowded around these months), but personally, I love the rainy season.

But be aware though, it can rain pretty hard! The streets can get flooded for a while, but for me it’s always pretty impressive.

Remember that usually, it’s doesn’t rain all day and even not everyday. So when your trying to decide when to go, know that this season is also pretty good.

8. Eat, eat and eat

Selamat makan!

Yummy! What a joy to eat at a warung (local restaurant). For only a few dollar/euro you can eat a meal that’s really satisfying.

There are some good spots at the island where you can get a good Indonesian meal. Just take a good look around; some restaurants can be a little less focused on the western stomach, so the “Bali Belly” is not unknown.

One where it is good and safe to eat is Warung Murah (meaning Cheap Restaurant) located on Jl. Double Six (Seminyak). You can order from the menu, but I recommend ordering from the buffet. Pick your type of rice (like plain white, or yellow) and choose your meat and vegetables. Enjoy the food and the price you pay (yup it’s cheap).

Next to the Indonesian kitchen, there are of course a lot of other options. Visit Jl. Laksmana (a.k.a Oberoi) for a wide range of different restaurants. There’s something for everybody!

Selamat makan (bon appetit!)

9. Spot some playing dolphins

In Lovina, the north of Bali

Most of the tourist areas are located in the south of the island. When you’re on a holiday here, consider if you want to see more of the island and plan a two-day trip (or more) to the north (Lovina) for example. On your way here (and on the way back) you can choose to do some sightseeing, so the long trip is easy to do.

Make sure you arrange the full trip and location before, so you can just relax and know that it’s all arranged. You can plan your trip with a driver and/or a tourist information point / adventure kiosk.

When you arrive in Lovina, relax and get to bed early, because you have to be awake by five again to leave at six in the morning with a local fishing boat to spot some playing dolphins.

It’s really an amazing trip and I think every tourist should do it. While searching for dolphins (this can take a while) you see the gorgeous sunrise in the back.

Please note that those dolphins are fast and it’s more like a hunt to see a glimpse of a dolphin then a relaxing trip where the dolphins just play beside you. This was my thought before, but it’s pretty hectic. But fun! And to see those animals is pretty amazing. Get your camera ready and be fast! For me it was impossible to take a picture of them.

10. Book your next trip

You will return to Bali

I have been on many holidays. Sure it’s fun, but it’s always nice to head home again. My first trip to Bali was a little different.

I was staying for three weeks and that should be enough, I thought. But when the end of the period was there, I was sad to leave again.

My point is that Bali is some kind of magnet for many people. The tourists I have spoken to said all the same. They never just visit the island just once. Some Europeans were already on their 20th holiday to Bali, so every year they had to travel for many hours.

Bali is really worth the visit. Over and over and over again…